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The plots against Jesus and His eventual death on the cross are triggered by the characteristic acts of His mission:- Befriending the out cast transcending the law in the interest of compassion for the human person. It is though the passion that we understand the deep reality of the missionary call, to lose life for others to be a servant for all serving rather than being served; a life lived deeply to the end for others, a total self giving.

Jesus’ whole life has been a constant and untirng active rescuing of the humanlives from the grips of evil forces, teaching the truth that sets free and protecting the weak he touches the untouchable breaking down the legalistic barriers and setting new social orders.

The passion of Jesus, His cross sprung therefore from His public mission. it is in the light of His ministry that His death is deeply rooted,

as christians what do we learn from the life of Jesus our chief example, is it hypocrisy or walking in the truth and following His teachings and being in light?

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Thanks for showing interest in G.C.I.M , we therefore take this opportunity to inform all those who would like to be part of this coming short mission trip to one of the coastal villages in kenya from this September, to please contact us for further information and details.

We will be grateful to have you be part of us for the Glory of God and building of the kingdom, it doesnt matter where you will be if you can come its better but if you cant and want to still be part of the team you can talk to us we are here ready to listen and share.

lets be a team on the move , there are many longing for the true Gospel.

Be Blessed

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