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Thank you everyone who has been supportive in prayer with this ministry, i believe God has been with us and He is still with us in this ministry. Everyday i see His hand in everything i do for Gospel campers, this reminds me of the prayers you make , Prayer is ne thing that keeps us in conversation with our creator just when speak out and talk to Him there is always a differece which i have seen personaly

As we continue praying for salvation of the lost and those who God has blessed to reach them through ministries and missionaries, please keep Gospel Campers International Missionin your prayers , God to provide the following which the ministry is in need of  to keep onmoving and reaching out;

  • Bibles (both English and Translated in local languages of the places we’ll be reaching),
  • Dome tents which shelter the team while in the field,
  • Means of transport, transport is a very big problem to us since we reach places which are so remote and public means are not available to reach such places, this leaves us with an option of hiring private vehicles which is very expensive to afford.
  • The upcoming mission trips to the coast side of Taveta/Taita, Turkana and pokot, scheduled for Dec,  Jan, Feb respectively.
  • Gos’s directions,

Thankyou for your prayers once again,  Blessings

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