Gospel Campers International mission is a ministry that flows from a biblical foudation, fully depending on God for wisdom and directions, led by the Holy Spirit and not man driven.

Jesus being the chief example,  Gospel Campers is prepared to value and practice the essential lessons of ministry taught by Jesus Himself. The ministry is focused to preach the Gospel to the unreached, teaching ad discipling.

Today most Christians have ,have forgotten the purpose of why we are called christians, for the Gospel Campers believe, we are called christians because we chose to  follow Christ as our chief example doing what He commanded us to do. Their are many people in all the corners of the earth who have never heard of the the gospel of our Lord Jesus and they need to hear. It is our duty as christians to share with those who dont have what we have. No matter what or where these people are,we are to reach tem because Jesus came to seek us who were lost. It wasnt us going to look for Him to give us what He gave us (new life through salvation). if we are obedient and love others as ourselves, we are not to hold the  most precious gift we freely recieved to ourselves but to share with everyone else.

God loves all His creation equally, His love to the unbeliever is the same as that to the believers so likewise believers and followers should take that example.


well any one know that camping is an out door leisure activity, that is true but this time it will  change from being a leisure activity to a gospel activity, whereby we will be involved with tents and camping wherever we go.

The camping is one way of getting out of our comfort zone just to be close to the families and people in cities we’ll be ministering to, having more time to get to know them and them to know us other than going for comfortable lodgings and guest houses which could somehow be a disadvantage.(some places could even be so remote in that one can’t  find any lodging). We also know that at least most people in cities have heard about Jesus christ and there are many churches in most cities of countries with freedom of worship unlike in rural areas more so remote ones. Christians have forgotten about them since they are concetrating in cities and not  wanting to let go of their comfort. This gives a chance to the cults and and  other so called religions to take that chance of decieving the who are eager to know the whole solid truth about Jesus Christ.

Its Gods desire for every one to know the truth and to be saved as we read through out  all the scriptures, when the first man Adam fell, God didnt give up on us He gave us another chance, thats why Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from the wrath of God, because His love for us is unconditional thats why as christians we become co-workers  in sharing the Gospel God is not yet done with His, so we should be ready in season and out of season and let the gospel reach every creature in every nation. Life is all about Jesus and our death takes us home, we shouldnt be afraid.

As Gospel Campers we are ready to reach out to the unreached as the lord directs and shows us what to do with prayer, authority( which is God’s word),  love, faith, sacrifice, obedience and patience.

lastly we need Faith, love, patience and courage to live not money or  things of the world, though we are part of the world and we encounter them daily they shouldnt control us and twist us away from the truth. Amen.

In  His Grace

Noreen D Viera